Art-Science Calendar of Events NYC

This calendar is an initiative of the Art Science Observatory, in collaboration with SciArt in America, Beautiful Brain, Ligo projects, Dactyl Foundation and other art/science organizations.

Bernadette Mayer & Dan Machlin

November 18th 1999

A reading of works by Bernadette Mayer and Dan Machlin.

James Gilroy, information paintings

Nov 6th – Dec 10th 1999

‘Information Paintings,’ an exhibit by James Gilroy also featuring “Don’t Let Go”, a digital documentary with James Gilroy & Larry Clark directed by Neil Grayson
and edited by Chris Schwerin.

Art is born at “the edge of order and chaos,” to borrow Christopher Langton’s phrase, where novel patterns are related to their predecessors, emerging from while transforming convention. According to Langton, who is a central figure in the field of evolution theory, life is only possible within a special equilibrium of order and disorder. The same is easily said for the evolution of art. Science has recently done much to inform the arts. Specialists in the phenomenon of self-organization–who would include Langton as well as Margaret Boden, Murray Gell-Mann, Stuart Kaufman, and lIya Prigogine–have increased popular understanding of how, overtime, order inevitably emerges out of disorderly chance events. [continue…]

Tom Breidenbach & Jonathan Goodman

October 28th 1999

A reading of works by Tom Breidenbach and Jonathan Goodman.

Anne Dunn

Sept 23 – Oct 30 1999

An exhibit of a selection of paintings by artist Anne Dunn.

Indeterminacy Revisited, article by Victoria N. Alexander

Complexity Science and the Arts
zingmagazine 10, 1999

Turning on Turner

Online exhibition 1999-2001

Much of the later work of Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) is the epitome of abstraction, that is, his images are not merely nonrepresentational. The paintings featured in this online exhibition are truly reified representations of seascapes, landscapes, and cityscapes. They are so reified, in fact, as to be almost symbolic of what they depict rather than illustrative. Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities presents “Turning on Turner,” an online exhibition of contemporary artists whose work is influenced by the great British painter. The show includes works by Dozier Bell, Pamela Bowers, James Crosby, Joy Garnett, Neil Grayson, and W. Whitney Smith III. Shown left is Turner’s variously named Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory)- The Morning after the Deluge- Moses Writing the Book of Genesis (c. 1843), Oil on Canvas, 787mm x 787mm [continue…]

C.D. Wright & Camille Guthrie

May 20th 1999

A reading of works by C.D Wright & Camille Guthrie.

Avec: A Journal of Writing

April 30 1999

A reading of Avec: A Journal of Writing.

The Antioch Review, with Victor Navasky

April 27th 1999

The Antioch Review, with Victor Navasky.

Washington Square Journal

April 8th 1999

A reading involving Galway Kinnell, Marie Ponsot, Agha Shahid Ali, Stephen Sandy, Alan Michael Parker, Chuck Wachtel.

Stephanie Rose, paintings

March 6 – April 10, 1999

This marks the first exhibition of portraits by an artist whose reputation was established as an abstract painter. Six portraits will be shown along with a large abstract painting to provide a context. Portrait subjects include: Poet John Ashbery, who, among numerous other distinctions, has received the MacArthur Prize Fellowship and the Pulitzer Prize, and has twice been named a Guggenheim Fellow; he is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is also a chancellor of the American Academy of Poets. Novelist Ted Mooney, Senior Editor of Art in America, who has received awards from both the Guggenheim Foundation and the Ingram-Merrill Foundation. Actress,Melissa Errico, who is known for her achievements on the Broadway stage. Poet, author and art critic, John Ash. Poet and art critic, Tom Bridenbach. Yannis Dellatolas, 20th century music expert and photographer. Elizabeth Schub, filmmaker. [continue…]

Jackson Mac Low and Jena Osman

February 25th 1999

A reading of poetry by Jackson Mac Low and Jena Osman with introductions by Stephen Mounkhall and Sharon Lattig. [continue…]