Art-Science Calendar of Events NYC

This calendar is an initiative of the Art Science Observatory, in collaboration with SciArt in America, Beautiful Brain, Ligo projects, Dactyl Foundation and other art/science organizations.

Raphael Rubinstein

December 16th 2003

6-8 pm

Book Release Party for Raphael Rubinstein Polychrome Profusion: Selected Art Criticism 1990-2002.

Museum for African Art

December 12 2003

Private Party Museum for African Art.

The Point, Benefit Exhibition

December 9 2003

DACTYL FOUNDATION  and ART+COMMERCE Invite you to give the gift of art this holiday season, all proceeds benefitting THE POINT CDC & BRONX CHARTER SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS, Offering the children and families of Hunts Point safe places to learn, create & grow.An evening of good cheer to purchase original works by professional and amateur artists of all ages while helping two non-profit organizations in the South Bronx. [continue…]

Marc Baptiste, photography

Book Release Party/Photography Exhibition
November 20 – 29, 2003
Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities
Intimate: Nudes by Marc Baptiste


The Genius of (Mis)Translation Series

October 30th 2003, 7pm

Further poetry readings in The Genius of (Mis)Translation Series featuring Jen Hofer, Mónica Nepote, Cristina Rivera-Garza, and Laura Solórzano. Partial support for this series has been provided by the New York State Council on the Arts and the Mexican Consulate.

The Status of Emergence, roundtable

Friday, October 24, 2003

Society for Literature and Science 17th Annual Conference Austin, TX

October 23-26, 2003The Status of Emergence Roundtables Victoria Alexander (organizer/chair), Susan Oyman, Katherine Hayles, John Johnston, and Eve Keller.

Introduction by Victoria N. Alexander [continue…]

Judy Glantzman, paintings, drawings & monoprints

September 13th – November 8th 2003

“Paintings, Monoprints & Drawings” is Judy Glantzman‘s third solo exhibition at Dactyl Foundation for the Arts and Humanities. Since her first show at Dactyl, her career and work has continued to mature at both the professional and artistic level. Glantzman was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2001. A selection of her work is currently at P.S.1 (Museum of Modern Art) in a group show, “Site and Insight.” Dactyl Foundation has always appreciated Glantzman’s work as a tremendous contribution to contemporary art. [continue…]

The Genius of (Mis)Translation Serie

July 17th 2003

The Genius of (Mis)Translation Series of poetry readings featuring Joshua Beckman and Pierre Joris.

Support provided by NYSCA.

Trauma at Home: After 9/11

June 6th 2003


Discussion: Trauma at Home: After 9/11 (University of Nebraska Press, 2003) Speakers will include: Jim Berger, Elizabeth Baer, Donna Bassin, Judith Greenberg (editor), Marianne Hirsch, Irene Kacandes, E. Ann Kaplan, Nancy K. Miller, and Richard Stamelman.

Heroes and Villians, mixed media on decks

May 23-June 28, 2003

Heroes and Villains, mixed media on decks curated by Jon Buscemi, Matt Sohl, Michelle Harb, and Jason Dill.


The Secret Agent

May 18th 2003


The Secret Agent  is adapted & directed by Richard Kimmel, featuring Tony Torn as Secret Agent Verloc and Wayne Adams, Dominique Bousquet, Steve Cuiffo, Andrew Garman, Jordan Lage, and Gary Wilmes. Development of THE SECRET AGENT is supported in part by a grant from NYSCA’s Individual Artist Program

Memorial for Gerrit Henry

May 8, 2003 7PM
Friends and family are invited to Dactyl Foundation to remember Gerrit, read his work, and say a few words.

Program: Neil Grayson, John Ashbery, Susan Baran, Marc Cohen, David Lehman, Maggie Paley, Bill Sullivan, John Wells, Tom Breidenbach, Audrey Ushenko, and Ellen Banks. [continue…]

Group Show

April 22-May 10 2003

A group show featuring work by Peter Begley, Judy Glantzman, Jim Gilroy, Emily Orling and Yelena Yemchuk.

Naked Singularity

March 22 2003


Book release party for Victoria N. Alexander’s “Naked Singularity”.

Guy Shahar

March 19 2003

Screening of work by Guy Sharhar.

small works

March 8 2003

Children’s art exhibition entitled “small works” organized by students of the Washington Market School.

Neil Grayson, Fundraiser

February 1-28 2003

Erotic drawings by Neil Grayson Proceeds to Benefit Dactyl Foundation Reception/Fundraising Benefit.

In these pieces, the artist’s gaze is so intensely focused on the nude that the images are abstracted to the point of becoming mysteriously potent icons of the erotic or bold graphic symbols of porn. Abstract art in this sense is representational, but it is so free of context that what it represents is not immediately obvious. The viewer is placed so close to the female buttocks that initially it is difficult to recognize. The first glance sees only the medium on the paper, the dark lines forming a cross and touches of color. In this way, these extraordinary drawings connect Eros with western culture’s most powerful symbol.
Each drawing is unique. Some are done on thick and irregular sheets of hand-made rag paper, some on Arches cotton paper, and others on canvas.The drawing is done in strong charcoal strokes that define the shape of the buttocks and the gap between the legs as the center of focus. Grayson conveys full body posture with just a few simple lines. In a few, the unseen rest of the figure would seem to be standing up straight; in others relaxed, hand on hip. Metal leaf overlays the drawing, delicately defining the smooth texture and luminosity of the skin. In several of these works, suggestions of viewfinders or sight scopes—-done in raw umber, ochre, or black oil paint-—float on a plane some distance from the image, nearer to the viewer. In all, the experience of these drawings is a viewer’s, how one sees-—intensely, obsessively—-rather than what one sees.
–Victoria N. Alexander, Curator