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Ann Lauterbach & Heather Ramsdell, poetry review in Zing Magazine

After a brief introduction, Heather Ramsdell begins with a tribute to Ann Lauterbach, her mentor and fellow reader. Ramsdell’s repertoire of the common place is raw and destructive. She sees the color of rust as well as the decay. At times she seems to be tuning the world around her and we are privy to this, complete with static and snow. Ramsdell’s play with language and phrasing becomes a game of connotation, and reminds me of the spinning of an AM/FM dial. Lauterbach’s images and language are beautiful but even more difficult. One can appreciate the risk factor, but the anxiety of a potential collapse into over processed fragments of experience is disconcerting.

Laurel Broughton

New York, New York



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