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December 2013

Dear Friends,

Donate today to support Dactyl Foundation’s Award for Literary Fiction.

In the past three years, Dactyl Foundation has concentrated on developing the literary fiction community, which has dwindled over the past twenty years as publishing houses began to focus on big sellers ignoring the niche market of fine literature. In 2010, we launched Dactyl Review, a community of literary fiction writers who review literary fiction and nominate works for Dactyl Foundation’s $1000 annual prize.  The contest is open to any living literary fiction writer, regardless of date of publication or type of publication. We are especially interested in books that came out some time ago and have not yet received the recognition they deserve.

This year we decided to award two prizes.  We are pleased to announce that the first award goes to The Double Life of Alfred Buber by David Schmahmann, published in 2011 by Permanent.  The second award goes to Cocoa Almond Darling by Jeffra Hays, self-published in 2011 on Kindle.

Support this worthy project now by becoming a member or renewing your membership. We’ve got a lot of interesting and important work ahead of us. We can’t do it without you. Thanks in advance for your support. Dactyl Foundation is a 501 c3 organization, and your donation is fully tax-deductible.

Your friends in art and thought,

Neil Grayson, Director, Visual Arts
Victoria N. Alexander, PhD, Director, Programs for Thought
A Special thanks to those individuals & Organizations
who support Dactyl’s Programs

Patrick Albino
Carrie Alperovich
Mini Anden
Debra Andrews
Jimmy Asnes
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Anurag Bhargava
Michael Bisordi
Anita Bitton
Andrew Blumson
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Sara Byrd
Will Calcutt
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Jawahar & Nandini Chirimar
Elizabeth Chubbuck
Angel & Douglas Colbert
Michael Connery
John Cooper

Diana Diamond
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Bryan Legate

Anne Luce
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Todd Oldham
N. A. Onwurah
The Osbournes
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Natasha Popova
James “PJ” Ransone
Claudia Sandor
Daniel Shapiro
Saskia Slaaf
Chris Sneeringer
George Soros
The Sussman Family
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Nadia Titarchuk
Jeff Trexler
Roger Waters
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