Art-Science Calendar of Events NYC

This calendar is an initiative of the Art Science Observatory, in collaboration with SciArt in America, Beautiful Brain, Ligo projects, Dactyl Foundation and other art/science organizations.


Patrick Albino
Carrie Alperovich
Mini Anden
Debra Andrews
Jimmy Asnes
John Auerbach
Marty Bevilacqua
Anurag Bhargava
Michael Bisordi
Anita Bitton
Andrew Blumson
Martin Brewer
Henry Buhl
Sara Byrd
Will Calcutt
Giancarlo Canavesio
Peter Carravetta
Sandra Carreon-John
Jawahar & Nandini Chirimar
Elizabeth Chubbuck
Angel & Douglas Colbert
Michael Connery
John Cooper

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