Judy Glantzman 30-Year Retrospective

Today her work remains true to her original commitment to the representation of the evolving, self-creating self. The exhibition will mainly feature the quirky portraits that have come to define her fearless style. This style has created images that give voice to the very thing we all have in common, the need to deal with fear. If it seems as if the characters she paints are quivering, it’s because they are just getting the first clue about what’s ultimately to come, the first clue that it’s scary. She invites her viewer to have the courage to experience life and to make mistakes, for only in this way can one grow and be alive.

Victoria N. Alexander, Ph.D.
Neil Grayson

Curated by Neil Grayson
The opening reception will be held on Thursday April 2nd, 7-9PM.
In cooperation with Betty Cuningham Gallery.

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