Brett Vapnek

February 15, 2001

A film screening of Dream Machine by Brett Vepnek starring Mary Timony.

Norman Jewison

Jan 10 2001

A screening of work by artist Norman Jewison.

The Palaver Transcription

October 19 2000

The Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities presents
Gad Hollander’s the palaver transcription, poetry screening
an experimental video utilizing voices, text, images, and ambient sound
derived from the book, The Palaver, by Gad Hollander & Andrew Bick.

Look of Love, documentary screening featuring Alex Weisenfeld

October 7, 2000

a mini digital documentary
Edited by Chris Scherwin

“The Look of Love”

by Alexandra Wiesenfeld, October 7th – November 4th, 2000


Alexandra Weisenfeld

October 7 – November 4 2000

An exhibition of works by Alexandra Weisenfeld including paintings, works on paper and a short film entitled The Look of Love (a digital mini-doc about the artist).


Film Screening

May 15 2000

A screening of two titles Shirtsleeves by Bruce Bennett and Ode by Kelly Reichardt.

“The Gods Of Times Square”

February 28th 2000

“The Gods of Times Square” is a documentary by Richard Sandler.

Dactyl Screening Room Benefit

January 24th 2000

Honorary Chair: John Ashbery

Curators: John Bissell, Willem Dafoe, Sean Gullette, Lyle Hysen, Elizabeth LeCompte, David Levine, Kate Valk. Committee: Anurag Bhargava co-chair, Debra Scherer co-chair, Henry Buhl, Michael Caruso, Tom Fontana, Massi Ghausi, Agnes Gund, Eva Herzigova, Sarah Lee, Rick Montgomery, David Sussman, Hillary & Bradley Thomas, David Thorpe, Jed Weintrob. Projects: Darren Aronofsky, Peter Care, Larry Clark, James Crutchfield, Jim Findlay, Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley, Lewis Klahr, Ken Kobland, Alex McDowell, Jon Moritsugu, Ret.Inevitable, Richard Sandler, Leslie Thornton, Todd Solondz, Brett Vapnek, The Wooster Group.

James Gilroy, information paintings

Nov 6th – Dec 10th 1999

‘Information Paintings,’ an exhibit by James Gilroy also featuring “Don’t Let Go”, a digital documentary with James Gilroy & Larry Clark directed by Neil Grayson
and edited by Chris Schwerin.

Art is born at “the edge of order and chaos,” to borrow Christopher Langton’s phrase, where novel patterns are related to their predecessors, emerging from while transforming convention. According to Langton, who is a central figure in the field of evolution theory, life is only possible within a special equilibrium of order and disorder. The same is easily said for the evolution of art. Science has recently done much to inform the arts. Specialists in the phenomenon of self-organization–who would include Langton as well as Margaret Boden, Murray Gell-Mann, Stuart Kaufman, and lIya Prigogine–have increased popular understanding of how, overtime, order inevitably emerges out of disorderly chance events. [continue…]

Don't Let Go, documentary featuring James Gilroy with Larry Clark

Directed by Neil Grayson and edited by Chris Schwerin

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Reese Live Performance

November 10th 1997

Soul singer Reese performs with acoustic guitar and percussion.

Johannes Tonio Kreusch, acoustic guitar

October 12, 1997

classical guitarist performing the works of Augustín Barrios Mangoré Joaquín Rodrigo Isaac Albéniz Alberto Ginastera