CompostModern featured guest Elisa Perea

Friday, June 4, 2010  4-6PM
Documentary maker Elisa Perea talks about and shows clips from “Nogales aqui es…” (Nogales, this is it… the border city)

A film  presenting the creative experiences of a generation of visual artists in their playground; their field of dreams…Nogales… the city. The one they see and the one they imagine… a bordertown awakened through their work… a journey via their art and testimony… offering an alternative description of a territory that is often misunderstood by both bordering countries. This project was funded by The National Council for the Arts and Culture of Mexico and by the Sonoran Institute of Culture. Continue reading “CompostModern featured guest Elisa Perea”

Chloe Domont, Hear Me Fall, Film Screening

March 27, 2010 at 7pm required

HEAR ME FALL follows a tortured boy as he makes his way back to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment one last time – As he goes over each dark truth in their relationship, we see that the real pain does not come from how much she manipulated him, but from how much he manipulated himself in order to keep her.

Watch the trailer. Continue reading “Chloe Domont, Hear Me Fall, Film Screening”

Screening, film shorts

Wednesday, March 2, 2005, 6-8 p.m.

Program Directors: Andrew Wilder and Thuy Tran

Harbinger & Dactyl Foundation Presents: Short Film Screening Series
Screening followed by Q+A with the filmmaker

Held on a quarterly basis, the screening series promotes the short film genre and provides an unprejudiced platform for filmmakers to screen their work in an intimate Q+A setting.

Films are judged by the audience and the winners of the year round series are announced at the end of each annual term.

The first screening will be held on March 2nd @ Dactyl Foundation’s Screening Room
64 Grand St. Between Wooster and West Broadway
For questions contact Andrew Wilder: (212) 845 8186 or Thuy Tran: (212) 219 2344


Terminal 29
Directed By: Todd Komarnicki
A short film that tells the story of a woman’s flight with cancer as she revisits the final moments of her life.

Helen Keller
Directed By: Gordon Hull – Surface to Air
An experimental short from New York based writer/artist Gordan Hull

Little Girl and Littler Boy
Directed By: Andrew Wilder
An experimental short that tells a visual story of love.

Kill Your Darlings
Directed By: Sarah Sophie Flicker
A short film that blurs fiction and reality to create an intimate portrait of romance and its consequences.

The Sad Song
Directed By: Fredo Viola
A music video that combines Fredo Viola’s original composition of sound and imagery.

James Gilroy, information paintings

Nov 6th – Dec 10th 1999

‘Information Paintings,’ an exhibit by James Gilroy also featuring “Don’t Let Go”, a digital documentary with James Gilroy & Larry Clark directed by Neil Grayson
and edited by Chris Schwerin.

Art is born at “the edge of order and chaos,” to borrow Christopher Langton’s phrase, where novel patterns are related to their predecessors, emerging from while transforming convention. According to Langton, who is a central figure in the field of evolution theory, life is only possible within a special equilibrium of order and disorder. The same is easily said for the evolution of art. Science has recently done much to inform the arts. Specialists in the phenomenon of self-organization–who would include Langton as well as Margaret Boden, Murray Gell-Mann, Stuart Kaufman, and lIya Prigogine–have increased popular understanding of how, overtime, order inevitably emerges out of disorderly chance events. Continue reading “James Gilroy, information paintings”