Manny’s Last Stand

Coming in March

Please come out to see our own Ben Monk’s new play
Manny’s Last Stand.
PURCHASE TICKETS or donate to raise money to make the film version, a Dactyl Media production.

Shooting for television the play Manny’s Last Stand. A burlesque club featuring
an alcoholic comedian who achieves greatness through sobriety. Manny Aarons goes on the wagon. Goes to AA, does yoga, sees a therapist, meditates. He works on new material. We end with Manny’s sold out show at Carnegie Hall. Audience members get orchestra seats and are encouraged to heckle.

March 5 @ 8:45  Wednesday
March 8 @ 7  Saturday
March 9 @ 6  Sunday

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The Biologist’s Mistress: Rethinking Self-Organization in Art, Literature, and Nature

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Yelena Yemchuk’s film El Monte

November 2010

In her new film El Monte, Yelena Yemchuk’s crisp black-and-white rendering of a feverish dream is reminiscent of Fellini’s , even using a breathless soundtrack in homage to the opening of the Italian director’s autobiographical masterpiece. An elegant, if unsettling, platform to showcase a festival of vintage gowns, El Monte features supermodel Natasa Vojnovic, who gives an accomplished and poetic performance, actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach, musician Melissa Auf der Maur and the haunting voice of Elisa Silver. Filmed at Dactyl Foundation for the Arts in New York, with mid-century furniture on loan from Chelsea’s Demisch Danant gallery, the set designed by Ukraine-born Yemchuk could easily be mistaken for a location featured Continue reading “Yelena Yemchuk’s film El Monte”

CompostModern featured guest Elisa Perea

Friday, June 4, 2010  4-6PM
Documentary maker Elisa Perea talks about and shows clips from “Nogales aqui es…” (Nogales, this is it… the border city)

A film  presenting the creative experiences of a generation of visual artists in their playground; their field of dreams…Nogales… the city. The one they see and the one they imagine… a bordertown awakened through their work… a journey via their art and testimony… offering an alternative description of a territory that is often misunderstood by both bordering countries. This project was funded by The National Council for the Arts and Culture of Mexico and by the Sonoran Institute of Culture. Continue reading “CompostModern featured guest Elisa Perea”

Chloe Domont, Hear Me Fall, Film Screening

March 27, 2010 at 7pm required

HEAR ME FALL follows a tortured boy as he makes his way back to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment one last time – As he goes over each dark truth in their relationship, we see that the real pain does not come from how much she manipulated him, but from how much he manipulated himself in order to keep her.

Watch the trailer. Continue reading “Chloe Domont, Hear Me Fall, Film Screening”

Rie Rasmussen, writer/filmmaker/artist and Neil Grayson, artist/curator, NY Post article

Feb 25, 2010
The breakfast of champions
THE ART WORLD IMPRESARIOS: Rie Rasmussen, writer/filmmaker/artist and Neil Grayson, artist/curator, Dactyl Foundation (
POWER PLAY-BY-PLAY: “I love meeting over meals,” says Rasmussen, who powwowed with Grayson to discuss an upcoming show and screening of her film “Human Zoo,” which opened last year’s Berlin Film Festival, at his SoHo gallery. But since NYC can be a small town, privacy is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, their corner banquette had plenty of it. The food didn’t fail to impress, either, with standouts including ripe papaya cut with lime — enjoyed after the meal as a digestive. And then there was the coffee, which woke up Rasmussen’s inner muse. “It’s excellent coffee for drawing,” she says, dipping a spoon in it to complete a coffee-and-ink sketch.

Screening, film shorts

Wednesday, March 2, 2005, 6-8 p.m.

Program Directors: Andrew Wilder and Thuy Tran

Harbinger & Dactyl Foundation Presents: Short Film Screening Series
Screening followed by Q+A with the filmmaker

Held on a quarterly basis, the screening series promotes the short film genre and provides an unprejudiced platform for filmmakers to screen their work in an intimate Q+A setting.

Films are judged by the audience and the winners of the year round series are announced at the end of each annual term.

The first screening will be held on March 2nd @ Dactyl Foundation’s Screening Room
64 Grand St. Between Wooster and West Broadway
For questions contact Andrew Wilder: (212) 845 8186 or Thuy Tran: (212) 219 2344


Terminal 29
Directed By: Todd Komarnicki
A short film that tells the story of a woman’s flight with cancer as she revisits the final moments of her life.

Helen Keller
Directed By: Gordon Hull – Surface to Air
An experimental short from New York based writer/artist Gordan Hull

Little Girl and Littler Boy
Directed By: Andrew Wilder
An experimental short that tells a visual story of love.

Kill Your Darlings
Directed By: Sarah Sophie Flicker
A short film that blurs fiction and reality to create an intimate portrait of romance and its consequences.

The Sad Song
Directed By: Fredo Viola
A music video that combines Fredo Viola’s original composition of sound and imagery.

Dreams of Sparrows

July 22 2004

7 pm

Screening of the film Dreams of Sparrows. Dreams of Sparrows is a documentary that follows first time Iraqi director Hayder Mousa Daffar and his team of contributing directors as they share their vision of life in Baghdad, post war and pre reconstruction.

The Secret Agent

May 18th 2003


The Secret Agent  is adapted & directed by Richard Kimmel, featuring Tony Torn as Secret Agent Verloc and Wayne Adams, Dominique Bousquet, Steve Cuiffo, Andrew Garman, Jordan Lage, and Gary Wilmes. Development of THE SECRET AGENT is supported in part by a grant from NYSCA’s Individual Artist Program

“Rockets Redglare!”

October 2 2002


Screening of “Rockets Redglare!” a documentary by Luis Fernandez de la Reguera, discussion with filmmaker to follow.

“Rockets Redglare!” features interviews with Matt Dillon, Willem Defoe, Jim Jarmusch, Steve Buscemi, Julian Schnabel and Nick Zedd.

NYC 1949. Rockets Redglare was born Michael Morra and addicted to heroin. An opiate added to his formula to ease the pain of heroin withdrawal began the first of countless detoxes during his lifetime. After his father, a career criminal, was deported to Italy and his mother was murdered, Michael became Rockets Redglare. Continue reading ““Rockets Redglare!””

Short Video Show

September 28 2002


The Short Video Show features  “Business and Pleasure” by Maria Antelman and George Drivas “Insomnium” by Craig MacNeil “Stillspeed” by Georg Steinboeck “EX” by Andreas Troeger and Dactyl Foundation award recipient, “‘Intersocial Volition’ (Theirs and Ours)” by Tina Landis.


June 25 2002


Screening: Transportation, an episode of Rizoma by Professor Fernando Salis of The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil An integrated television program and internet site for debate and communitarian action onenvironmental issues

Journey to the West: Chinese Medicine Today

May 9 2002

Directed by: Katy Chevigny
Produced by: Katy Chevigny and Julia Pimsleur
Co-Produced by: Dallas Brennan
Camera by: Kirsten Johnson
Music by: Jason Kao Hwang
Edited by: Li-Shin Yu

Journey to the West examines the roots of traditional Chinese medicine, its incarnation in modern-day China, and its adaptation in the United States. Rare footage of traditional medical practices in the People’s Republic of China is intercut with interviews of some of the leading Chinese medical practitioners here in the United States.

Conceived and shot over a period of three years, Journey to the West is an insightful investigation of the connection between art, culture and medicine. The film introduces a few of the diverse people who are devoted to this medical practice, including Dr. Ho, a self-taught herbalist living in the foothills of the Himalayas; Wu Zhongxian, a martial arts master who performs a wide range of indigenous Chinese healing methods; and students attending a modern-day Chinese medical school in Shanghai. Back in the U.S., teachers, students and practitioners of Chinese medicine working in California and New York showcase their work in contemporary Chinese medicine. Journey to the West offers a unique perspective on a growing cross-cultural phenomenon.


March 26, 2002

Kill With A Borrowed Knife: A Lecture-Performance of BudoFlux
Presented in association with PJ Novelli and the Tuesday Night Forum Series.

Kill with a Borrowed Knife is an ancient martial arts stratagem. It means making use of an opponent’s resources for one’s own gain: for example, using U.S. passenger planes to attack the United States. Budoflux uses this and other stratagems to introduce the integrated performance language of martial arts/dance presenting brief, theatrical actions based on the nature of conflict.


June 7 &8 2001

Film screening, Fritz Lang’s 1926 landmark silent sci-fi film, With a new soundtrack by electronic musician Jeff Mills, with moderators: Anuj Desai, Editor in Chief, Black Book Magazine; Tara Anderson, Dactyl Foundation, presented by Black Book Magazine and Dactyl Foundation.

Richard Sandler

March 15 2001

The Gods of Times Square, a documentary by Richard Sandler.
Introduction by Tara Anderson, discussion with the artist to follow

Before the Disneyfication of the melting-pot mecca, Times Square was home to religious zealots offering every kind of strident redemption. Street journalist and documentarian Richard Sandler has created a cinema verite film on the rich characters of New York’s secular cathedral of skyscrapers.

An encore presentation of the critically acclaimed documentary

Re-edited with new footage

Winner 1999, Best Documentary, Chicago Underground Film Festival
Winner 1999, Audience Award, Popcorn International Film Festival

First Screening at Dactyl: February 28th, 2000