John Ashbery & Gerrit Henry

May 1998

A poetry reading by John Ashbery & Gerrit Henry with introductions by Neil Grayson.

John Ashbery’s awards include the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, National Book Critics Circle Award and a Fullbright fellowship. His work includes Wakefulness (1998); Can You Hear, Bird (1995); And The Stars Were Shining (1994); Hotel Lautremont (1992); Flow Chart (1991); April Galleons (1987); A Wave (1984); Self – Portrait in a Convex Mirror (1975) and Some Trees which was selected by W.H Auden for the Yale Younger Poets Series.

Gerrit Henry is an art critic as well as a poet, his work has appeared in the Paris Review, Yale Review and the New York Times.

Ann Lauterbach & Heather Ramsdell, poetry review in Zing Magazine

9:35 A.M. My clock radio clicks into a jazz riff as it has for a week. In my haze of half-sleep I reach to it and turn the dial , winding slowly through a cross-section of morning radio. Phrases, words, half words the faster I wind. Soon it is only sounds that pulse in and out, blend, and break-up. Slowing, I allow it to become whole again, turning back into words and phrases that muster a familiarity that has no context save that to which my still dreaming mind refers. Continue reading “Ann Lauterbach & Heather Ramsdell, poetry review in Zing Magazine”