Yelena Yemchuk

October 5 – November 12 2002

Photography exhibit  entitled “Phenomena+Existence No. 1”  by artist Yelena Yemchuk.


History, Memory, Trauma, lecture by Dominick LaCapra

September 28, 2001

History, Memory, Trauma,” a public lecture by Dominick LaCapra, recipient of the Dactyl award for aesthetic theory.

Ever since Theodor Adorno argued that “writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric,” all kinds of artists, not just poets, have been debating whether or not one can depict life optimistically. The Holocaust certainly questions how one can believe that every event ultimately serves some divine [continue…]

Laird Hunt

Sunday, September 23 2001

Laird Hunt, The Impossibly (Coffee House Press).

Keenan Milton

July 7, 2001

A memorial service for Keenan Milton with video screening.


June 7 &8 2001

Film screening, Fritz Lang’s 1926 landmark silent sci-fi film, With a new soundtrack by electronic musician Jeff Mills, with moderators: Anuj Desai, Editor in Chief, Black Book Magazine; Tara Anderson, Dactyl Foundation, presented by Black Book Magazine and Dactyl Foundation.

Book Party

May 10 2001

Book party with The Figures: On the Nameways (Vol.2) by Clark Coolidge, My Terza Rima by Michael Gizzi, Push The Mule by John Godfrey, Savage Baggage by Roger Mitchell, The Drift of Things by Terence Winch, Roof: Christophe Tarkos: Ma Langue est Poetique–Selected Writings, Vocoder by Judith Goldman, Free Will by Craig Watson, Pen Chants By Lissa Wolsak.

“The Poet, The Critic, & The Interpreter: A Crash Course,”

April 26 2001

A public lecture under the title “The Poet, The Critic & The Interpreter: A Crash Course”

Angus Fletcher (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Graduate School, CUNY)
Nico Israel (Asst. Prof, English, Hunter College, CUNY; critic, Artforum International Magazine)
and Victoria N. Alexander (Dactyl Foundation)
Hors d’oeuvres will be served at 6:30. Lecture begins at 7pm.

Judy Glantzman, works on paper

April 7-May 21, 2001

Works on Paper by Judy Glantzman. Curated by Neil Grayson [continue…]

Richard Howard and Susan Wheeler

April 4 2001

Antioch Review 60th Anniversary Celebration.

Richard Sandler

March 15 2001

The Gods of Times Square, a documentary by Richard Sandler.
Introduction by Tara Anderson, discussion with the artist to follow

Before the Disneyfication of the melting-pot mecca, Times Square was home to religious zealots offering every kind of strident redemption. Street journalist and documentarian Richard Sandler has created a cinema verite film on the rich characters of New York’s secular cathedral of skyscrapers.

An encore presentation of the critically acclaimed documentary

Re-edited with new footage

Winner 1999, Best Documentary, Chicago Underground Film Festival
Winner 1999, Audience Award, Popcorn International Film Festival

First Screening at Dactyl: February 28th, 2000

Washington Market School

Mar 10 2001

An exhibition of children’s artwork entitled Small Works 11 curated by the Washington Market School.

Ken Kobland

Feb 22 2001

A video screening of work by Ken Kobland.

Brett Vapnek

February 15, 2001

A film screening of Dream Machine by Brett Vepnek starring Mary Timony.

Edizioni Mazzotta

Feb 6 2001

Publication party celebrating Edizioni Mazzotta’s monograph on Norman Bluhm.

Norman Jewison

Jan 10 2001

A screening of work by artist Norman Jewison.


December 15-22, 2000

BookFair will sell limited editions and  hand-made bindings of poetry and literary fiction.

Studio Semester in New York and Empire State College

Dec 8 2000

Anniversary reception.

John Ashbery

December 6, 2000

A reception for  Your Name Here and Other Traditions by John Ashbery.

Carter Ratcliff & Kenneth Koch

November 28, 2000

A poetry reading of works by Carter Ratcliff and Kenneth Koch.

John Yau and Vincent Katz

Nov 16 2000

A poetry reading of works by John Yau and Vincent Katz.

The Palaver Transcription

October 19 2000

The Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities presents
Gad Hollander’s the palaver transcription, poetry screening
an experimental video utilizing voices, text, images, and ambient sound
derived from the book, The Palaver, by Gad Hollander & Andrew Bick.

Murmur Vol II

October 16 2000

Murmur journal, reception, volume ii includes works by Ashbery, Fletcher, Hollo, Ni Dhomhnaill, and Ramsdell.

John Reed

September 28 2000

Reception for A Still Small Voice.

Open Mic

August 12 2000

Reception and Sign-up 7:00 pm
Scheduled Poets 8:00 pm
Jill Bernstein, Desiree Gordon, and James Parker
A film short by “Cory” 8:45
Open Mic 9:00 pm
Refreshments will be served

Artist Search Project

Sally, 1999 John Arruda

An Evolving Exhibition

The Artist Search Project is an exhibition-in-progress organized by Dactyl interns. We invite you to attend the first installment in July and return to view new works by emerging artists as the show progresses towards the final closing exhibition. The exhibition included works by John Arruda, Aaron Gilbert, Jackie Kingon, Jim Klein, Christina Park, Pam Smith, James Stuart, Jake Benton, Matthew Sinclair Kinney, and Emily Orling. [continue…]

Film Screening

May 15 2000

A screening of two titles Shirtsleeves by Bruce Bennett and Ode by Kelly Reichardt.

The Figures Press & Roof Press

May 12 2000

A book party for The Figures Press and Roof Press.

Chaos in literature, science and art

April 4 – 6, 2000

Chaos in literature, science and art. Sponsored by Pfizer Corporation &Herbert Lee Grayson Foundation Panel Discussion:

Tuesday, April 4th & Wednesday, April 5th, 6pm
Angus Fletcher
, CUNY on Spenser’s “Mutability Cantos”and the poetry of John Ashbery

Thursday, April 6th, 6pm John Ashbery, Bard College, poetry reading
Jim Crutchfield, Santa Fe Institute, on the physics of chaos
Joan Richardson, CUNY, on science & poetry
Angus Fletcher, CUNY, respondent

In history, chaos is anarchy, mutability, disorder, chance, indeterminacy, flux, non-linearity, entropy, irrational thought, creativity, destructive emotion and the primal source of all that is.


April 4-6 2000

Retrodiction  –The History of Chaos in Literature, Science and Art.

Retrodiction is a series of audio recordings designed for an Internet experience with visual, musical, interactive, and educational components. The series will explore the concept of chaos and the fundamental question: Do things happen by chance? or does nature govern by fixed laws? The goal is to increase public understanding of science through fiction, poetry, and philosophical writings. The project is a collaborative effort among Dactyl Foundation for the Arts and Humanities, the Santa Fe Institute, and the Art and Science Laboratory. [continue…]

The Antioch Review

Mar 30 2000

Reception for the Antioch Review with Cynthia Fuchs Epstein.