Artist Search Project

Sally, 1999 John Arruda

An Evolving Exhibition

The Artist Search Project is an exhibition-in-progress organized by Dactyl interns. We invite you to attend the first installment in July and return to view new works by emerging artists as the show progresses towards the final closing exhibition. The exhibition included works by John Arruda, Aaron Gilbert, Jackie Kingon, Jim Klein, Christina Park, Pam Smith, James Stuart, Jake Benton, Matthew Sinclair Kinney, and Emily Orling.

Poetry Reading

Saturday, August 12th
7:00 pm- Reception and Sign-up
8:00 pm- Scheduled Poets

Jill Bernstein, Desiree Gordon, and James Parker

8:45pm- A film short by “Cory”
9:00pm- Open Mic

Refreshments will be served

Saturday, September 23rd, 1-6 p.m.
Refreshments will be served

Foundation intern-artists will be available to discuss the continuation of the project and review any submissions. Please see for submission guidelines.

Interns: Summer 2000

Matt Standeven, Jamilia Pree, Maren Rahlf, Annie Bellinger, Jay Jocson, and Tiffany Gong. Not pictured: Amy Goldberg, Arnold Icosaki, Darrach O’Laorie, Kristin Poor, Emily Sennesh, and Esther Zipris.