Genius of (Mis)Translation Series

March 13 2004

Genius of (Mis)Translation Series with David Hinton, a translator of ancient Chinese poetry, Cecilia Vicuña, a Chilean poet who performs multilingually, & John Thompson, who plays the guqin, a musical instrument of China’s ancient poets.

Genius of (Mis)Translation Series

March 13 2004

Genius of (Mis)Translation Series with David Hinton, a translator of ancient Chinese poetry,Cecilia Vicuña, a Chilean poet who performs multilingually, & John Thompson, who plays the guqin, a musical instrument of China’s ancient poets.

Hinton’s translations from Chinese include The Mountain Poems of Hsieh Ling-yun (New Directions, 2001), Mencius (1999), The Analects of Confucius (1998), Chuang Tzu: Inner Chapters (1997), Forms of Distance by Bei Dao (1994), The Selected Poems of T’ao Ch’ien (1993), and The Selected Poems of Tu Fu (1989). In 1997 he won The Academy of American Poets Harold Morton Landon Translation Award for his three volumes published in 1996: The Selected Poems of Lí Po and Bei Dao’s Landscape Over Zero (both published by New Directions), and The Late Poems of Meng Chiao (Princeton). His other recent honors include fellowships from the Witter Bynner Foundation, the Ingram Merrill Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Chilean poet, artist and filmmaker Cecilia Vicuña is the author of fourteen poetry books, published in Europe, Latin America and the US. Honors include: The Pennies from Heaven Award, 2002, The Anonymous Was a Woman Award, l999, The Lila Wallace-Reader¹s Digest Arts International Award in l992, The Fund for Poetry Award in l995-96 and The Human Rights Award from the Fund for Free Expression in New York in l985. Her most recent books are: Instan, Kelsey St. Press, 2002 El Templo, translated by Rosa Alcalá, Situations, New York, 2001; Cloud-Net, trans. by Rosa Alcalá, Art in General/Hallwalls/DiverseWorks/ New York, Houston, Buffalo, l999; UL, Four Mapuche Poets, a Bilingual Anthology edited by Cecilia Vicuña, LALRP, Pittsburgh, 1998; QUIPOem/ The Precarious , The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuña, Edited by M. Catherine de Zegher, translated by Esther Allen, Wesleyan University Press, l997; Word & Thread, translated by Rosa Alcalá, Morning StarPublications,1996; PALABRARmas/WURDWAPINschaw, translated by Edwin Morgan, Morning Star Publications, Edinburgh, l994; and Unravelling Words & The Weaving of Water, translated by Eliot Weinberger and Suzanne Jill Levine, edited by Eliot Weinberger, Graywolf Press, l992 .

The Genius of (Mis)Translation Series

October 30th 2003, 7pm

Further poetry readings in The Genius of (Mis)Translation Series featuring Jen Hofer, Mónica Nepote, Cristina Rivera-Garza, and Laura Solórzano. Partial support for this series has been provided by the New York State Council on the Arts and the Mexican Consulate.

The Genius of (Mis)Translation Serie

July 17th 2003

The Genius of (Mis)Translation Series of poetry readings featuring Joshua Beckman and Pierre Joris.

Support provided by NYSCA.

Memorial for Gerrit Henry

May 8, 2003 7PM
Friends and family are invited to Dactyl Foundation to remember Gerrit, read his work, and say a few words.

Program: Neil Grayson, John Ashbery, Susan Baran, Marc Cohen, David Lehman, Maggie Paley, Bill Sullivan, John Wells, Tom Breidenbach, Audrey Ushenko, and Ellen Banks. [continue…]

Book Fair

December 7 – 21 2002

Front Hall Book Fair Limited editions, hand-made, Poetry and Literary Fiction.

Open reading Dec 6th 6-8pm.

John Ashbery & Gerrit Henry

September 12 2002


A poetry reading by John Ashbery and Gerrit Henry.

Telling it Slant: Avant Garde Poetics of the 1990s

May 17 2002

Telling it Slant: Avant Garde Poetics of the 1990s, ed. Mark Wallace and Steven Marks. 26 essays on contemporary avant garde poetries. Book release & panel discussion with Charles Borkhuis,Lee Ann Brown, Jeff Derksen, Jeff Hansen, Bill Howe, Andrew Levy, Eileen Myles, Leonard Schwartz, Juliana Spahr, Brian Kim Stefans, Gary Sullivan, & Elizabeth Willis

Meena Alexander

May 14, 2002

Poetry reading with Meena Alexander celebrating the release of Illiterate Heart with introduction by Tricia Lin.

Archie Rand and John Yau, 100 More Jokes from The Book of the Dead

May 4-25 2002

An exhibition of hand-colored etchings and poetry by Archie Rand and John Yau (Meritage Press) Also celebrating the release of My Heart Is That Eternal Rose Tattoo (Black Sparrow),Borrowed Love Poems (Penguin) by John Yau, Simply Separate People by Lynn Crawford, edited by John Yau (Black Square), Me with Animal Towering by Albert Mobilio, edited by John Yau (Black Square); and Bayart by Pascalle Monnier, translated by Cole Swensen, edited by John Yau (Black Square).

Michael Davidson and John Taggart

Feb 22 2002

Discussion with poet-critics Michael Davidson and John Taggart.

Poetry BookFair

December 15 – 21 2001

Poetry Book Fair and readings.

Richard Howard and Susan Wheeler

April 4 2001

Antioch Review 60th Anniversary Celebration.

John Ashbery

December 6, 2000

A reception for  Your Name Here and Other Traditions by John Ashbery.

Carter Ratcliff & Kenneth Koch

November 28, 2000

A poetry reading of works by Carter Ratcliff and Kenneth Koch.

John Yau and Vincent Katz

Nov 16 2000

A poetry reading of works by John Yau and Vincent Katz.

The Palaver Transcription

October 19 2000

The Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities presents
Gad Hollander’s the palaver transcription, poetry screening
an experimental video utilizing voices, text, images, and ambient sound
derived from the book, The Palaver, by Gad Hollander & Andrew Bick.

Murmur Vol II

October 16 2000

Murmur journal, reception, volume ii includes works by Ashbery, Fletcher, Hollo, Ni Dhomhnaill, and Ramsdell.

Open Mic

August 12 2000

Reception and Sign-up 7:00 pm
Scheduled Poets 8:00 pm
Jill Bernstein, Desiree Gordon, and James Parker
A film short by “Cory” 8:45
Open Mic 9:00 pm
Refreshments will be served

Artists 4 Ireland

March 16th 2000

St. Paddy’s Jam 2000, a poetry reading featuring Colum McCann, Tom Kelley and friends.

Raphael Rubinstein

March 14th 2000

A reading from The Letters of Alphaville by Raphael Rubinstein.

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Krysia Jopek

February 10th 2000

A poetry reading of works by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge and Krysia Jopek.

Bernadette Mayer & Dan Machlin

November 18th 1999

A reading of works by Bernadette Mayer and Dan Machlin.

Tom Breidenbach & Jonathan Goodman

October 28th 1999

A reading of works by Tom Breidenbach and Jonathan Goodman.

C.D. Wright & Camille Guthrie

May 20th 1999

A reading of works by C.D Wright & Camille Guthrie.

Jackson Mac Low and Jena Osman

February 25th 1999

A reading of poetry by Jackson Mac Low and Jena Osman with introductions by Stephen Mounkhall and Sharon Lattig. [continue…]

Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Paul Muldoon

December 11th 1998

A reading of works by Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Paul Muldoon with introductions by Oona Frawley.

Every language is its own world, and I find myself an immediate tourist in writing this introduction, in English, about Nuala ni Dhomhnaill’s Irish poetry, because the Irish that is Nuala’s is a world of quite different dimensions to the one we inhabit when we use English. Reading her poetry, then, even if in the translation that has made her work available to a larger, non-Irish reading public, is an Immram, a holy voyage of sorts, like those the Irish scribes recorded centuries ago. [continue…]

Raphael Rubinstein & Max Henry

November 5th 1998

A reading of works by Raphael Rubinstein & Max Henry with introductions by Neil Grayson and Stephen Mounkhall.

Ann Lauterbach & Heather Ramsdell

October 27th 1998

A poetry reading by Ann Lauterbach and Heather Ramsdell with introductions by Sharon Lattig and Stephen Mounkhall.

Heather Ramsdell’s poetry was selected by James Tate for the 1997 National Poetry Series Award, and published as Lost Wax.

Murmur - poetry reading

September 24th 1998