Audrey Code, paintings

September 1997

The inaugural exhibition at the Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities featured New York artist Audrey Code. PBS Television (channel 21 in New York).

PBS Television (channel 21 in New York)
MetroGuide August 27, 1997
Interview with Audrey Code and Neil Grayson.

“I’m very much interested in classical drawing, classical painting. . . but updated. I place the canvas on the floor and do a lot of splattering and pouring of paint, not randomly. It’s controlled. I call my technique a kind of learned intuition.

“Oftentimes I see representational painting that impresses me on a technical level but doesn’t move me or get me excited. I oftentimes see abstract painting that is so detached from the form that I can’t relate to it in any real way. I can’t recognize it. What I think every great artist is always searching for is a way to express the ineffable and still hold on to something tangible that the viewer can relate to as well. Audrey manages to get these two qualities in a single image. It moves you.”