Staged Reading of “The Model” by Katalina Mustatea

Friday Jan 15th, 2010, 7:00-8:30

“The Model” is the first in a play reading series hosted by Dactyl Foundation. The aim of the series is to give breath and voice to dramatic scripts and to act as a seedbed for new dramatic writing.

‘We found her at the corner of Houston and 2nd Avenue, propped against a dumpster and looking a bit lost. She had the long legs and even features typical of her kind, and was dressed in a glamorous evening ensemble that looked rather out of place in the middle of the afternoon. No matter. She looked fabulous anyway—few women would have been able to carry off the flippy little dress and matching high heels she wore so well. We couldn’t believe someone would just throw her away. She was in mint condition—nails polished, hair styled to perfection, and not a dent or a scratch on her. In this city, discarded things people leave out on the curb get picked up almost instantly, so we were lucky to be passing by when we did. She was surprisingly light for her length, and fit beautifully into the far living room corner of our new apartment. As you can imagine, she was a real conversation piece whenever we had people over.’