Emily Orling


2002 Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities, NY, NY

2001 EmergeNcY, Crane Studios, NY, NY
2001 August Art, NY, NY
2000     Artist Search Project, Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities, NY, NY

2000 La Cipressaia Intensive Art Workshop, Italy
2000 BA Fine Art, Binghamton University, Binghamton NY
1999 Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy

Vincent Romeo, NYC
Joe and Rita Romeo, NYC

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  • […] Emily Orling’s paintings place babies in reddish-brown mucus, referencing the womb. Even her babies in bathtubs draw on the idea of the womb as comfort, or its lack. Separation creates intense loneliness. These feelings scream out of Orling’s work. Though babies often symbolize innocence, Orling shows how they only care about their individualized surroundings, without being self-indulgent, but without awareness of others. Selfish adult emotions here poignantly parallel infant innocence. Emotions have taken over body and mind and pushed the world away. These beings reach out for something lost, they curl up in fear, or they cry out in despair. The work is so raw it makes you want to turn away, embarrassed for looking at all. It also makes you want to stay and stare. Orling’s paintings speak to anyone who has ever gotten lost in their emotions. Life here is separation, an inevitable process occurring since birth. Her figures are highly abstracted, yet remarkably, vividly accurate. -Maria Villafranca […]