Call for Papers: 11th Annual Biosemiotics Gathering

Biosemiotics JournalThe Eleventh Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics will be held from June 21 to June 26, 2011 under the auspices of the Dactyl Foundation at the Rockefeller University for Biomedical Research in New York City, USA. The Scientific Advisory Committee of the Eleventh Annual Gatherings in Biosemiotics welcomes paper proposals from researchers in any academic discipline who are investigating the presence and the role of sign processes in living systems.

What is Biosemiotics?  Listen to philosopher Don Favareau on BBC radio.

The call for papers is now closed. The Eleventh Annual Gathering in Biosemiotics is organized by Victoria N. Alexander and the Dactyl Foundation in collaboration with the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies. Those working  in Biosemiotics include biologists, semioticians, philosophers of science, cultural theorists, anthropologists, ethologists, complexity scientists, and any one interested in C. S. Peirce or ecological holism.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Don Favareau Vice-President International Society for Biosemiotic Studies

Victoria N. Alexander President Dactyl Foundation