Dactyl Art-Science researcher J. Augustus Bacigalupi on Quant/Qual

This presentation, building off of the social interactive design practice evaluated in (Bacigalupi, 2020), will start by problematizing current quantitative and qualitative methodologies used in complex social environments. To transcend the contradictions inherent in a quant/qual framing, a process-oriented approach to agential individuation will be proposed. This process philosophy will serve as the basis for novel methodologies in practice as explored by select projects documented in (Bacigalupi, 2020).  This talk was presented Sept. 18th, 2021 to the 5th International Conference on Interactivity, Language and Cognition with a focus on quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

J. A. Bacigalupi (2020); Evolving Ethnographies: Problematizing Social Practice via Interactive Installations and Human Habits of Alienation sentientartworks.com/science